We’re as serious about the goodness in NRICH as we are about taste and flavour.

We use real milk, which is whisked over 10,000 times to create a silky smooth consistency - which makes NRICH stand out from the competition. It contains no artificial colours or sweeteners, so you can rest assured that what you drink is going to be great for your taste buds and for your insides.


We’re so confident that our shake is the best on the market, we tested it to make sure:

We conducted two separate blind taste tests using NRICH and three other brands of milk drink. In tests NRICH was way ahead of the competition for taste. But the best way to confirm this is to try it.


We’re so sure you’ll be pleased we’re willing to guarantee it.

Try any one of our flavours against a competitor and we’re confident it will taste better or at least as good.  If you’re not entirely satisfied, send us proof of purchase, comparison details and we’ll refund your purchase price.