NRICH is a nutritionally balanced milk drink. It is available in five fantastic flavours, is made with real milk, is packed full of vitamins and minerals and is a great source of protein. Oh…and it tastes absolutely amazing!


If you’re thinking that NRICH is just a sports beverage, think again. It’s enjoyed by young and old alike. It is great as a breakfast shake. It’s ideal if you’ve missed a meal and need something to keep you going. It is perfect for post workout recovery, whether you’re in the gym, track or field. If you just love milk drinks, it’s a pretty guilt free way of getting your milkshake fix.


NRICH is ideal for people who want to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle. Each can contains on average 375 calories. You must be thinking “375 calories? That's a lot isn’t it?”


Take the Challenge: We’re so confident that our shake is the best on the market, we tested it to make sure: We conducted two separate blind taste tests using NRICH and three other brands of milk drink. In tests NRICH was way ahead of the competition for taste.  But the best way to confirm this is to try it.

The PROCarb™ Formula

The PROCarb™ formula is the perfect scientific formula of muscle aiding protein with energy-sustaining carbohydrates. Add to that the body-boosting vitamins and minerals in NRICH and you have a drink that can nourish your body every day.

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