Do you usually take a bottle of water with you when you play sports or workout at the gym? You may want to think again! NRICH may provide more effective hydration compared to water and some isotonic sports beverages.


Nothing can hydrate me better than water.... can it?

Many of us are aware that water is essential for our bodies and hydrates us. The perfect beverage, some might say. However, when you become dehydrated after any physical activity, the body not only loses water from perspiring but also electrolytes - these are what your heart and muscle cells use to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. This is where NRICH rich can help.
Milk can provide better hydration as a post-workout beverage. This is because milk contains electrolytes and other nutrients that water does not contain. These electrolytes help replenish your body and hydrate you more effectively than water.


A nutrient dense drink (such as NRICH) after exercise will show a trend to reduce urine output (keeping you hydrated for longer). Due to its high nutrient and electrolyte content NRICH may be a practical way to reduce urine output and increase water retention which seems to allow a more hydrated state after exercising and helps you recover faster.