How can NRICH help you with your workout?


NRICH contains many nutritional components that are important in a healthy diet. These include traditional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein.


The ratio of these nutrients have been carefully balanced to make NRICH an ideal partner for recovery after working out in the gym, track or field.


This precise blend is known as the PROCarb™ formula: the positive ratio between proteins and carbohydrates that can assist in energy levels.


The PROCarb™ formula makes NRICH ideal as a post-workout beverage, providing extra carbohydrate plus protein, in a ratio of almost 4:1. Studies have shown that this combination can boost performance and reduce free radicals and muscle damage, versus using a sports drink that only replaces carbohydrates and electrolytes.


A number of studies have shown that milk is a good aid to sports recovery particularly in terms of rehydration and muscle recovery.
Research has shown that milk based beverages, such as NRICH are more beneficial to workout recovery compared to water or an isotonic sports beverage.

Compared to most non-milk sports drinks, low fat milk has slightly more carbohydrate and much more fat and protein - but that’s all good. studies have shown that consuming a small amount of protein with carbohydrate during recovery enhances the muscles’ replenishment of glycogen. Also, a small amount of fat can raise blood levels of free fatty acids which can be used as energy during prolonged exercise.