NRICH your life!

The PROCarb™ formula is the perfect scientific formula of muscle aiding protein with energy-sustaining carbohydrates. Add to that the body-boosting vitamins and minerals in NRICH and you have a drink that can nourish your body every day.

What this means is that there is a beneficial ratio (4:1) of carbohydrates and proteins, which makes NRICH nutritionally balanced. For every gram of protein, there are approximately four times as many carbohydrates.

If you’re working out or playing you need carbs - it's as simple as that. Carbohydrate is the fuel that keeps your body moving - the amount stored in your muscles affects how long and hard you can keep going.

One of the main determinants of how long an individual can continue to exercise is how much glycogen is stored in their muscles. Glycogen is the form in which humans store carbohydrate. NRICH provides more carbs because this is what gives you energy. They break down slower than proteins and release the energy gradually into the body.

The protein on the other hand is broken down faster and is great after a workout to replenish your muscles. Protein intake has been shown to positively influence the amount of glycogen in muscle.

Since the body is unable to store excess protein, it’s important to ensure that the ratio of carbs to protein is balanced correctly. Excess proteins aren’t wanted either since your body takes whatever it can't use and converts it to fat.
The PROCarb™ formula ensures your body has enough nutrients for daily use, but not too much that it becomes a burden and each flavour of Nrich is formulated using the PROCarb™ ratio. The knowledge behind the ratio takes you beyond just rehydration towards maximum performance.