NRICH is ideal for people who want to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle. Each can contains on average 375 calories. You must be thinking “375 calories? That's a lot isn’t it?” Well if you compare that to other light meals, it’s about right (a typical sandwich is around 350-400 calories, a bag of crisps 200 and a can of cola about 150). However, the calories you get from eating many of these food and drinks will often come from fats and sugars as well as being high in salt.
NRICH is nutritionally balanced to optimise the nutrient intake for your body. Although diet alone will not ensure successful performance in any given activity, it can significantly influence performance. Carbohydrate and fat are key energy fuels during exercise, and finely tuning their intake both ahead of time and afterwards will affect your performance.


Lean lipids are fats that boost the metabolism, encourage the synthesis of protein (key for muscle growth), have special anti-inflammatory effects and help the body retain minerals it needs during workouts.

The protein blend in NRICH is made up of whey and casein, both of which aid absorption and digestion. Whey protein increases amino acids which causes the body to synthesize (manufacture) the protein and build muscle. However, whey protein burns fast. So, when it get used up fast, the casein kicks in. Casein gives the body more time for protein synthesis (production), and hence more time to build muscle.


The perfect meal replacement for those too busy to eat!

Hectic schedules often cause people to skip meals and get through their days by snacking on the go. NRICH is great for those with busy lifestyles.
If you ever find yourself skipping lunch because you are too busy, then picking up a can of NRICH keeps you fuelled until your next meal. Each can contains on average 375 calories and is loaded with a daily intake of vitamins and minerals (contains 100% RDA for 5 vitamins and greater than 50% RDA for an additional 7 vitamins and minerals per can).


If you feel hungry, you can’t be at your best

Whey protein may lead to satiety by stimulating several hormones that are thought to regulate appetite control in the brain and so helps you feel fuller with fewer calories.
When you drink NRICH you know you are getting a low fat blend of whey proteins and carbohydrates, making those 375 calories a perfectly balanced meal replacement! Feeling full is important if you are trying to manage your weight. Feeling full reduces cravings for snacks and helps you eat less, NRICH helps keep your hunger down and your energy up, keeping you satisfied until your next meal.